Smiling physiotherapist writing on clipboard

For Physicians

If you are dealing with painful disorders that cause dizziness or imbalance, we can offer relief whether or not you have a referral. However, if you want your insurance to cover the costs, they will likely require a referral from your primary or specialty doctor. This is because they need to confirm that we are a suitable treatment for your specific issues, as determined by your doctor. Some insurance plans may require a referral from a healthcare provider such as a chiropractor, podiatrist, orthopedic surgeon, nurse practitioner, or primary care doctor to cover the costs of physical therapy.

We take pride in collaborating with your trusted physician to fully understand your condition and provide the best possible treatment. Whether you pay for our services or your insurance does, we view ourselves as a prescription. Just like how a physician prescribes medication, they may recommend us as the best option for improving your physical therapy outcomes, balance, and dizziness issues. It’s worth noting that some insurance plans may require a co-pay or fee for our services.

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